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The Hard Work of Documenting Corporate Actions — The Case of Jimenez Arms


Reporting by Brian Freskos, of The Trace, demonstrates the hard work of documenting corporate actions.  Following the bankruptcy of Jimenez Arms, Freskos guides readers to an understanding of how corporations use bankruptcy as a strategy to avoid litigation and responsibility (Freskos, 2020).  The US Department of Justice alleges that a fire department captain purchased pistols from Jimenez Arms for illegal trafficking in the Kansas City, Missouri area (U.S. Department of Justice, 2018).  While Jimenez Arms closed, Paul Jimenez opened a new company, JA Industries LLC, which now has a license to manufacture guns.  

JA Industries is an example of a small gunmaker.  In 2017, they were the 34th largest gun-maker in the US, producing 26,499 pistols.  These pistols represent 0.32% of all guns manufactured in the US in 2017.  As Jimenez Arms, Inc.,  they produced guns in Henderson, Nevada.  Their advertising continues on their website,, and videos in promotion of their product are viewable on sootch00.  Links from the website connect viewers to YouTube: another demonstration of the connection between gun-makers, influencers, and the use of YouTube servers for the purpose of free gun advertising.

Screenshot taken 17 August 2020

We identified sooch00 as the tenth leading gun YouTube influencer in 2019, with 800 thousand subscribers (Jordan et al., 2020).

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