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In the United States, the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Explosives (ATF) manages licences for gun makers and gun dealers. Information on numbers of guns manufactured, exported, and imported, can be found on the ATF data and statistics webpage. The “Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Export Report” is available from the ATF digitally from 2007-2018 in PDF format. The annual report lists US gun makers and types of guns manufactured by facility.

With the help of colleagues, a spreadsheet containing the data from the 2017 report was generated and shared on Harvard Dataverse. This spreadsheet contains address locations of gunmakers and the numbers of guns manufactured on-site in 2017. The top 151 facilities, having manufactured 1,000 guns or more in 2017, are shown by location and total production in the map below. In total, these facilities reported that they produced 8.24 million firearms in 2017, or 99 percent of guns made that year.

In order to compare company production, I combined facilities that shared the same name to total production. The merged file is available here as a Google Sheet. The first column in the spreadsheet indicates the number of facility locations operated by the company. Identifying key gun makers in the US today has become an important basis for my subsequent research in characterizing gun production and advertising.