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Beginning March 6, 2020, I am starting to archive and share work that I am undertaking on the life cycle of firearms and ammunition. I began this research in the fall of 2018, to respond to Drew University student interest in data collection and monitoring of firearm violence in the United States. In spring of 2019 and 2020, I devoted my Medical Geography courses to an exploration of public health, gun ownership and gun use.

Various projects have emerged from this research, including a data collection and analysis project on contemporary firearms advertising, a Governor’s School in the Sciences team project on the life cycle of firearms and ammunition, and an examination of suicide covariates described in Emile Durkheim’s Suicide. This research is supported by an Andrew Mellon Foundation grant in Digital Humanities received by Drew University.

To learn more about my background and interests, please see my website,

Click here for the Firearms Data Project Blog.